I created this website almost two years ago. As a rising junior in college, I was beginning to freak out about summer internships, a way to showcase my work that wasn’t an e-mail attachment, and – more importantly – a way to begin to look professional. The next issue I had to deal with was what photos I wanted to include on the site. That summer I had been working as a photographer’s assistant for a local college summer league baseball team and fell in love with the idea of being a sports photographer. But beyond a select few “great” photos, I wasn’t sure what else to include. Sure, some of the photos I had taken over the last few semesters were fine, but they weren’t ones that I was in love with. While I was looking back at the high school portfolio I put together to send out to colleges, I couldn’t help but want to add those to the site. I was extremely hesitant to do so because they seemed so out of date, but I realized that while they may have been a few years old and not shot with the best camera, they were the photos that inspired me to be a photographer to begin with. They were snapshots of some of my most exhilarating and interesting adventures. They were portraits, landscapes, candids. They embodied everything I loved about photography and why I wanted to continue being a photographer.

And while I still stand by these photos, as my time at college draws towards a close, so will these photos on the website. At least on the main part of it. Instead, I have decided to slowly take some off the front page, and bring them into this blog. While I may not be the greatest of writers, I hope to share these photos and the history of them in a different way.


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